Noelle & Justin - 2020

When we had our first hospital visit, the midwife informed us about the classes available,
and she described Hypnobirthing as an "alternative" and said it is “meditating and self hypnotizing
 for birth". I immediately thought it was definitely not for us, my partner is too
talkative, there would be no way that I would be able to meditate with him around!! However,
a friend encouraged me to read a book she had found really helpful called "Your Baby, Your
Birth; by Hollie de Cruz. I realised that it was about Hypnobirthing, so we decided to do more
research on the class. We soon learned that Hypnobirthing isn't as 'hippy-dippy' as it
To us, Hypnobirthing is all about learning how our bodies are designed to birth a baby,
understanding and working with it. Hypnobirthing is about teamwork, it focuses on how the
birthing partner is integral to the whole pregnancy. It’s not just about the birth, but also the
journey of pregnancy, and what we can do to prepare ourselves for it. It’s your birth, your
way. About being calm and prepared for whatever situation your birthing takes and knowing
your rights and options. 
Before the class, I was extremely nervous about labour. I imagined a panicked medical
situation where you rush to the hospital screaming in pain, with doctors and nurses shouting
PUSH! This is what we’re trained to believe will happen, because that’s what portrayed in
movies. Hypnobirthing taught us that this is far from reality, and thankfully we ended up
having the most beautiful experience bringing our daughter into this world. Together with the
midwife who thought the class, we wrote a birth plan that helped us feel prepared for
whatever direction our birthing took. 
When early labour started, we stayed at home for as long as possible. By day three, I wasn’t
sure if my waters had released, so we contacted the hospital and they advised to come in. I
was so calm that the midwives couldn’t believe it when they checked and I was already 6cm
dilated. They referred to me as the “superstar mom!” as I leisurely strolled to the birthing
suite. We set ourselves up in the room with music, incense and fairy lights to create a
beautiful atmosphere. Later, when I was checked again by the doctor, she said she could not
comprehend the calm way I was behaving, now at 7cm. 
We were so fortunate that Robina, the midwife who had taught our class, came on duty and
was with us for the entire birth. At one stage, Robina asked if I just had another surge, I
responded: “I’m not sure, I think I nodded off for a few minutes!” That’s how calm and
relaxed I was. In the end, we required some help with the birth of our daughter, as she was a
little bit stuck. The doctor came explained our options, and as we were so prepared, we
could answer her with confidence and without hesitation. 
During my labour, I did not require any pain medication and had the most wonderful and
empowering experience of my entire life. So much so, that I would gladly do it again, 10
times over. To this day, I still use the calming techniques which I learned through
Hypnobirthing. So many people comment on how calm and happy our little girl is. Even at
four months old, during overseas long-haul flights, we had flight attendants and fellow
passengers commend us on how amazing our little girl is. They say that we’re so lucky. We
believe that it’s not just luck, we really believe that it is thanks to Hypnobirthing!
Hypnobirthing is an incredible class, we couldn’t recommend more, and truly believe that it
should be a mandatory birthing class.

Iwona and Mark - 2019

'I attended Hypnobirthing at Sandringham Hospital with my husband in October 2019 in preparation for giving birth to our 1st child. I decided on the Hypnobirthing course hoping that it would help me to reduce anxiety and learn how to deal with pain. The midwifes, Erin and Robina, provided us with important information about labour process, breathing and relaxation techniques. We were hoping for a natural birth, but unfortunately due to unexpected issues, after 2 days in hospital, I had to be induced. As the baby changed its position during labour and we were informed by the doctor that the size of the baby was well above average, we decided to proceed with the caesarean section.

Even though I did not avoid the interventions, the hypnobirthing techniques helped me to stay calm and to reduce the pain in the initial stages of labour. The knowledge we gained during the course also helped us to ask the right questions and make the best decisions for me and the baby.

Overall, we were very happy with the course and believe it gave us tools to stay positive and calm regardless of the path the birth took.'





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